Top Left: Me, performing in “The Vagina Monologues” at Buena Vista University.

Top Right: The writers of “Woman Wonder” receiving an award for artistic creation.

Mid Left: The opening of my ensemble production of “Romeo & Juliet” in which 7 women and 5 men played all the parts, each playing Romeo or Juliet at least once.

Mid Right: My family at Disney World in 2012

Lower Right: Opening of “Woman Wonder” at Buena Vista University

Special recognition to the members of the Wonder Woman Creative Collective: (1st row, from left) Miranda Pollock, Wind Goodfriend, Calle Friesen, and Jamii Claiborne; (2nd row, from left) Bethany Larson, Andrea Frantz, and at top, Annamaria Formichella.

The opening image of seven actresses onstage in a multi-paneled, colorful stage set for the debut of "Woman Wonder".
Dolphin jumping, full moon above sea, glowing clouds and horizon. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
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